When the project of our Locanda in Tuscany started, we found ourself at a very important juncture: to sell luxury stays or to offer an unforgettable experience?

It would have been easier to focus on the first one, but deep down it was not what we really wanted to do. We looked each other in the eyes and holding our hands we choose to try another way. 

So we asked ourself: what is the luxury world missing nowadays? What can we offer that is not easy to buy? And the answer was only one: LOVE.

That was the beginning of our project, the cornerstone from which everything started.

We started looking for a place that radiates with pure energy, cause if it’s true that a breath-taking view and a good location are very important, what we were really looking for was that special feeling, when you enter the room, that you would carry in your heart and keep with you forever. We wanted a place where you’d love to come back to feel LOVE again and again. 


When we first visited the Locanda in Tuscany, we had no doubt: that one was the perfect place for us to realize our project.

We are trying to evolve in harmony with our Guests but most of all with our surroundings and our co-workers. Each one of them, in its daily routine and area of expertise, is encouraged to contribute at its best. The continuous flow of ideas and creativity is a gift we offer to our Guests, together with the unique and unforgettable experience of our amazing Val d’Orcia, UNESCO World Heritage Center.

Visiting us, you will discover the true tuscan hospitality, you will discover its colors and tastes. Locanda in Tuscany’s aim is to offer you an emotion, a feeling, that each one of our guests will always keep inside and we will be happy to meet you again every time you feel the need to come back, just as if we were old friends. And that’s cause, as we use to say with our co-workers, hospitality is a vocation. 

We are sure that hospitality is a vocation.

Love is…

Welcome to our Locanda!

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Luca, Claudia and Filippo Bernetti

Soc.Agr.Semplice Locanda in Tuscany di Giuliani Claudia & C. Podere
Moro Fiacchi, 13 53023 CASTIGLIONE D’ORCIA (SI) ITALY